Sunday, September 23, 2012

Playing Catch up.. cont.

Disneyland was great and we had a wonderful time.

After we came home from Disneyland, we went camping @ Canyon Creek Resorts.
With lots of out door fun. Hiking, Swimming, (lots of swimming) Lizard hunting, no fishing this time.
We also went to go see Grandpa who lives close by. Grandpa has been very sick, in and out of the hospital. He has been feeling good lately though.  Hannah and Leanne got to spent some time together. (Leanne is Grandpa's caregiver) Nathaniel and Grandpa went outside to water the garden, instead of watering the garden Nathaniel got watered. It was so great to watch Grandpa and Nathaniel having so much fun. Grandpa wanted us to stay and have pizza with them for dinner, which we did.  I think seeing the grand kids did him a lot of good he was laughing, walking and having a good time.
After camping and visiting Grandpa. We came home to get ready for school.

This school year Hannah and Nathaniel will be going to the same school for the first time. 
So far the kids are doing good. Hannah and Nathaniel are in some of the same classes. At first this was hard for Hannah because Nathaniel would follow her around everywhere. Now Nathaniel has his friends and does his own thing and Hannah can hang out with her friends and she does her own thing.
 Love their school.

Well that kind of catches you up for now.
Thank you God for the wonderful memories we made this summer.

In His Loving Hands

Always playing catch up.

I know, I am always playing catch up.
This summer we went to Disneyland and California Adventure. It was Nathaniel and Hannahs' first time.
We started our day with breakfast at the Motel, then around 10:00 we started our walked to Disneyland.( yep we were with in walking distance )
Disneyland was great. We got a special pass for Nathaniel because he is autistic and so we would not have to wait in line as long as the stand by'ers. We got to go through the fast past and handicap line.
 At first we did not think that Nathaniel would go on any of the rides.
Because the first two rides he picked he would not go on at all and we had to leave the rides right away. The first ride was Star wars, we got as far as the doors and then he freecked out and took off towards the exit. So Daddy and Hannah went on the ride. The second one was Buz Light Year. He had a big melt down in this ride and no one got to ride this one. Naathaiel did not want to walk around or get up so I needed Roberts help to take him out. At this point Nathaniel could not stand the noise around him or any thing else. We thought that we were going to have to leave and go back to the Motel. 
Of course it was hot and he was so upset I finally got him to get up and walk to a cool place to sit and rest. We decided to go and eat a yearly lunch and cool down, then walk around a little more.So we found a nice place to eat in Adventure Land. There were trees and a cool breeze. It was a nice place to go and sit to cool off and eat. Across from us you could see the train from Thunder Mountain. It had caught Nathaniel and Hannahs' attention. Hannah had talked Nathaniel to go on that ride. He loved it and so did Hannah. They went on it twice. After that Nathaniel was ready for more rides.YEAH!!!! So we went on the Matterhorn, Space Mountain, Story Book Adventure, The Mark Twain, Pirates of the Caribbean,The Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain. ( The best ride of all on a hot day with a tired and hot autistic child )  Most of these rides we went on twice, and now we had been there pretty much all day. Of course we had a few melt downs because of the heat.. But all in all we had so much fun and the kids had a wonderful day. Even though it started out rocky.

Two days later we went to California Adventure.
We thought we were going to play this one smarter then Disneyland. We got Nathaniel a wheel chair. Again it was going to be a hot day and this way if he got tired and hot he could ride in the wheel chair. How smart right. Thats what I thought. But oh no!! In California Adventure if you are in a wheel chair you do not need a special pass your chair is your past. However you still have to go through the regular line ( Stand by'ers) because the lines are wide enough for the chair and the chair tells the workers there that he is special needs or handicap of some sort.
Okay... Tell a autistic child that he has to wait 45 mins to an hour 1/2  before he can go on the ride. Oh you all know that went over well.(NOT)!!!
We waited in line for 50 mins for California Screemin.. Nathaniel and Hannah loved that ride. They wanted to do it again I was not going to wait that long again. So we headed off to Cars Land. The wait for that line was approx 2 hours. The worker told us to come back at 2:00 and we would only have to wait about 15 mins. okay so went to look around. while we waited. all rides were so long.
We found Donald Duck took our picture with Donald, then we watched Minni Mouses show, and took our picture with her. Ate lunch and then headed back to Cars. We got in the line that said returns and waited already 30 mins or longer (remember the 15 mins to have them anounce that the ride had broken down and not sure when it will be up and running. You can wait or get a return ticket and come back we left with a very sad little man and a very unhappy young girl. We decieded to leave when we found this great place in Bugs Life. It was the water play area. We spent about 2 hours there watching Nathaniel and Hannah have so much fun. Robert and Nathaniel left and Hannah wanted to stay, so we did. Hannah and I went on the Tower of Terror. Okay that was the best ride ever. Scared the living socks off of me. Then we went back to Disneyland and watched the parade and rode a few more rides then walked back to the Motel.
Very Very disappointed with California Adventure felt that they were not handicap friendly at all.
Not going back to that park unless they change the way they treat the special needs and the handicap.
Not such a good day however the water play area saved the day..
We visted family and friends and just had so much fun.